Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Central Ave.'s Future

Central Avenue is deemed to be one of the last few remaining unique spots in Charlotte, and by unique we mean small town business unique. A redevelopment is underway, but piece by piece. Developers are hoping that with all the new building the Plaza Midwood Area won't lose it's charm. I don't see how it could when local bar owners and tattoo parlors are part of the planning. One building features two places to get spirits and then hobble down the stairs and get some body ink. Maybe this is how Gotham City got it's start. I personally think they should start an urban food farm like Cuba. With rising food prices this would be a great addition to local restaurants and residents. A Family Dollar will be another part of the new business additions, maybe because they are one of a few out there that has actually shown profits in the last quarter. Starbucks is planning on relocating 367, of their 600 store closings, to this area.

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